There will still be bit of tweaking but here’s what we have so far…

9-10 Violence in a Violent World
Shaun Harris moderating, Danny Gardner, Bryon Quertermous, Dave Krugler, Thomas Pluck

10-11 Worst. Panel. Ever.
SW Lauden moderating, Stephen Mack Jones, Lou Berney, Sean Chercover, Chelsea Cain

11-12 Panel Title TBD
Erica Neubauer moderating, Kristen Lepionka, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Rob Hart, Nick Petrie

1-2 Interview
F Paul Wilson, Nathan Singer

2-3 Panel Title TBD
Tom Schreck moderating, Lili Wright, James Benn, Reed Farrel Coleman, Bill Loefelm

3-4 Interview
Chelsea Cain

4-5 Wondrous Woman of Crime Fiction
Chelsea Cain, Suzanna Calkins, Lori Rader-Day, Linda Joffe Hull